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  • 120th century—Mendelssohn piano

    This is the piano of Mendelssohn which was born in the early 20th Century, There is a large development at this time. In the manufacture of piano, there are more advanced machine assisted. The upright piano made by Mendelssohn is simple and elegant , It meets the demand of normal families, Not only to meet the appearance of the requirements, but also lay emphasis on  the inherent perfection.



    According to the pictures, we can see that the plate apply (until today) is the most economical and practical and have hollow design on it , played a supporting role in external pressure, Completely adapted to overcome the wooden parts can not replace the rigid, The perfect pedal system conforms to the functions required for people to play the piano; With the support of the bench is also very unique, reflected from the details of this is a piece of art. 

  • 21 st century—Mendelssohn piano

    Mendelssohn piano in 21st century . It incorporates more Chinese elements in its design, while adhering to the excellent production techniques from German. It meets people's demand for Piano Art, In World Expo in 2010, the Chinese pavilion was of great interest to the world. In order to commemorate the special architecture, Mendelssohn piano made a China pavilion style piano. Perfect integration of Chinese elements into Western Art, At the same time, we should integrate modern science and technology into piano creativity, such as :Plane piano, Airship piano,  Plexiglass  piano, Butterfly piano and so on .