The manufacture of Mendelssohn's piano designed by German Mendelssohn piano company, there are occasional presence of the German company executives,  piano engineers and senior piano technician to guide in Shanghai company and using sand measurement technology& the natural arch technique to control the sound. The main raw materials are from Germany, such as the German Strunz wood soundboard, ribs; German R slau (Luo Silao) strings;? Germany HELMUTABELGMBH strike the hammer and so on.

       In 2007, based on the pursuit of better quality for top piano, our company cooperated with the world's top piano manufacturer German Steingraeber & Sohne piano companies. The successful cooperation not only brings the world's top pianos into China, and also brings its century craftsmanship and outstanding experience to China.

With a good business philosophy, advanced production equipment and strict quality control system, Mendelssohn piano production and quality in China has far exceeded expectations. Produced by Mendelssohn brand, with its superb craftsmanship and superior quality has aroused widespread concern in the world piano industry, American Steinway engineer susan y.kengagy, German Steinway engineer Werner Husmann, Steinway president of the Asian Robert F. Dove was a special trip to Shanghai to visit the Mendelssohn piano production base, the products are exported around the world.

With the improvement of Mendelssohn piano brand awareness, it has become a pianist, concerts, movies and television, with piano piano competitions, such as: Austrian pianist, educator, Republic Medal winner, "Willingham Nicholas Berg Lishui, Zhejiang concert ", the German pianist," Catherine Sale Anaheim Zhejiang Quzhou concert, "piano Prince Luo Bofan Netherlands heck" Tongling Vienna night concert ", the World piano Prince Clayderman Jiangsu Passion Oriental romantic piano concert, 2007 CCTV Spring Festival concert film, CCTV, "the same song" 2006 Top Ten superstar concert, 2009 Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra "concert scene finger Kingdom" designated by the piano, 2009 World Music Masters qinchuan piano recital, 2007 "with a sun, with a love" China Youth Art talent Competition, 2007 "Mendelssohn Cup" international children's piano Competition in Mongolia, 2008 Second Mendelssohn Cup in China only by piano piano Competition TV series "Super Girl" (Li, Jie starred), "In the Mood for Love" (Lu Yi, Li Bing Bing, Bao Lei, Ren Quan starred), "waiting for me in Sydney" (Athena, xuejianing starred), "indanthrene" (Yuan Quan , Li Xiaoran, Yan Kuan starring), "I am a strong boat" (AOF won the fourth Hollywood international Film Festival Award for best Foreign Language Film) ......
       Shanghai municipal government also attaches great importance to developing Mendelssohn piano in China and in a number of outreach activities in Shanghai, the use of Mendelssohn piano, such as: Shanghai Municipal large symphonic chorus MTV "under brilliant sunshine", Shanghai Songjiang large MTV "passion of the Republic of China Chapter 55," Shanghai "truth home - garden Songjiang" bid "World garden City" MTV publicity and a series of large-scale events are using Mendelssohn piano.
       Today, Mendelssohn piano has gone through 10 years in China and has been known and loved by Chinese consumers. As president, Mr. Zheng Mingtong Asia Germany Mendelssohn piano company once said: "The piano is alive, she can express the emotion at the bottom of the human soul, as a piano manufacturer, we produce not only an piano, but also a piece of art, a hope ...... "

---- Mendelssohn with your success