Corporate Culture

Mendelssohn Piano (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., after years of development, has formed its own unique corporate culture. It is a continuous innovation and development of culture that is built on the basis of trust and respect . "Innovation, hard work, integrity, gratitude," the corporate philosophy, is the fundamental driving force that we can continue to grow in; scientific and strict management system has been fully endorsed by the respective partners. Mendelssohn's corporate culture, reflected in all levels of employees, teams, organizations, and society, is reflected in every detail of employee behavior and organizational behavior where is our commitment to rapid growth of the economy, the continuous optimization of a harmonious society.

     Mission: classical heritage for centuries, creating a source of perfect sound and visual art for humanity.

     Core values​​: people-oriented teamwork customer first encouraging innovation.

     Entrepreneurship: attention to detail, beyond the self, a little progress every day.

     Corporate vision: to build the world's top piano brand, creating a embrace lofty ideals, with a strong sense of honor of Mendelssohn team, so employees have the highest treatment in the industry, and enterprises with growth, shared operating results.